Water or electricity crisis

A water or electricity crisis is a when there is a problem with the availability of water and electricity on the island.



Before the electricity, water or telephone is cut off:

  • Make sure you have a radio that works on batteries.
  • Install emergency station 97,9 FM on the radio.
  • Have a permanent emergency kit in your home.
  • Visit www.kalamidat.cw or download the app Kalamidat in the App store of on Google play.


When the electricity, water or telephone is cut off:

  • Listen to 97.9 FM.
  • Ask the neighbours if they need help.


Electricity crisis on Curacao                               




If the electricity fails alter a disaster, switch on the radio and listen to 97.9 FM.  In that way, you will hear what is happening and what your must do.


The water company could shut off the water or it can be contaminated. Therefore, you must have a few bottles of water at home: 3 litres a day for each person for at least 3 days.  You should change the old water for fresh water regularly.


Many people call each other after an emergency. The telephones lines can then become occupied. Do not use the telephone unnecessarily. If you need to call someone, keep the conversation short. If the telephone line is cut off, listen to 97.9 FM. On this frequency, you will get information about the line failure, what you must do and how to contact the police or ambulance.