A tornado is a violent rotating column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground.



Always make sure your house and garden are in good condition without heavy objects that can pose a risk to persons and your house in case of strong winds. Try to insure your house against damage caused by bad weather.


During a tornado:

If you see a tornado coming towards you, go inside at once and hide in a room protected from the wind.


After a tornado:  

If your house has suffered damage, alarm the authorities, e.g. through the emergency number 911. Leave the house and go outside to prevent the roof or any wall from falling on you. Help others in the neighbourhood. Follow all orders from the authorities. People, who have lost their homes will have a place to stay but preferably stay with family or friends. If persons cannot stay with family or friends, the government will help finding a place to stay.


Tornado on Curacao                  

What can you do yourself


A tornado forms suddenly during certain weather circumstances. When it damages one or more neighbourhoods, the government will assess the extent of the damage and the effect on the community.

If the impact is great in a large section, the government may decide to announce a state of emergency. This means at that authorities and other relief organizations will function according to the disaster plan.