The government has designated shelters for evacuees.  When necessary, the government will issue an evacuation announcement. Note that a shelter is not an agreeable place. If possible, see if you and your family can stay with family or friends.

When evacuating an area take the following items with you:

  • Medicine
  • Passport, ID, driver license
  • Insurance documents
  • Cellphone

The following locations serve as shelters:

  • Maris Stella (ex Zwijsen College)-Adres: Grebbelinieweg (Steenrijk)
  • Eligia Martier (ex St. Rosa de Lima) Adres: Oosterbeekstraat (CherAsile)
  • Kolegio Annie Koenraad Adres: Kaya Tera Kora (Tera Kora)
  • Rode Kruis gebouw Adres: Weg naar Westpunt (Barber)