Terrorist attack

A terrorist attack is a surprise attack involving the deliberate use of violence against civiliansin the hope of attaining political or religious aims



What can you do after a bomb threat or an explosion?


In the face of a terrorist threat:

  • If you see a suspicious package or an abnormal situation, stay far away.
  • Call 911 and warn everybody in your neighbourhood.


During a terrorist attack

  • Listen to 97.9 FM on the radio.
  • Follow all instructions from the government and the security officials
  • Protect yourself from falling objects.
  • Help each other as much as possible.
  • Run to a place with no buildings due to the danger of a collapse.
  • Do not return to the place of the attack.
  • Do not stand in a group. More bombs may explode.
  • Stay away from windows, which can break and parked cars, which can explode.
  • Do not light matches or switch on lighters because gas can explode.
  • Give the police all information that can help in their investigation, e.g. car signs, description.
  • Give the police any pictures you may have taken with your cell phone or digital camera./li>
  • After the attack, watch television, listen to the radio, or download information from www.kalamidat.cw and download the app Kalamidat.


Example of terrorist attack


What to do during an terrorist attack



National authorities, such as the police force and justice, often work together to reduce the chance of a terrorist attack. In particular, they exchange information and adapt laws and regulations.

They also work with other countries to prevent terrorist attacks. All measures to combat terrorism will reduce the chance of an attack but do not prevent it always.