An epidemic occurs when an infectious disease spreads rapidly too many people.In reality, you can do hardly anything to avoid an epidemic. However, you can make sure you are as safe as possible.




Before an epidemic:

  • Make sure you have a radio that works on batteries.
  • Switch it on to 97.9 FM.
  • Make sure you have food and water stocks at home in the case of an emergency
  • Visit the website www.kalamidat.cw and download the app Kalamidat in the App store of Google play.


During an epidemic:

  • Always use paper handkerchiefs that you can dispose of straight away.
  • Cover you mouth when sneezing or coughing.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Stay at home if you have an infectious disease.
  • Stay far away from infected persons.


Go to your doctor if you have symptoms of the disease.


Flu epidemic

What can you do


A new virus or any other contagious disease can affect many people simultaneously. An epidemic can have huge consequences in the community. The doctors and nurses will be very busy and a companies may not function because they have few workers. Public transportation will operate less and may even shut down. During an epidemic, the Public Health Sector knows its responsibility, especially regarding information supply and awareness campaigns.