Inundation is the total water level that occurs on normally dry ground as a result of the storm tide, and is expressed in terms of height of water, in feet, above ground level.



Before an inundation

  • When you construct something on your terrain, make sure it does not prevent rainwater from running into the sewing system or ditch.
  • Help keep the ditches in your neighbourhood clean.
  • If you live in a neighbourhood that has been inundated before, make your emergency plan with your family and neighbourhood.
  • Keep your important papers in a secure (dry) place.
  • Save emergency numbers on your cell phone or a visible place near the home telephone.


During an inundation

  • Do not go out on the streets if the authorities have advised you not to do so.
  • If your house is filled with water, try to climb up on a high, dry place inside.
  • Disconnect electronic equipment and switch off the gas.
  • Help children, the elderly and the disabled. Do not forget your animals.
  • Do not call the emergency numbers unless you absolutely have to do so. We must prevent the telephone lines from being too much occupied and must help the people who are in graver necessity.


Inundation on Curacao


What can you do yourself


The risk of inundation is always present on an island. Moreover, climate change causes the risk of inundation to rise and the results of inundation can become more severe. The government is investing into the improvement of the infrastructure, the cleaning of ditches and sewage system but still the risks cannot be completely avoided. Because of previous experiences, all organizations involved have joined forces to react better to the effects of inundation on our island.