Public Order disturbance

A public order disturbance is an outbreak of disorder; a breach of public peace.



When you visit a concert or a sports activity, you can do little to prevent a disturbance but you must know what to do in such a situation.


Before a public order disturbance:

  • When you enter a building or event terrain, make sure you know the emergency exit in case you need to leave the place in a hurry.


During a public order disturbance:

  • If uproar is instigated during a big event, do not try to go against the flow.
  • Keep calm and follow the instructions from the authorities.
  • Do not go to the place of the disturbance.


Public order disturbance



What to do during a public order disturbance




You can suddenly find yourself in a public order disturbance, looting or fighting without having anything to do with it. When something happens, everybody wants to leave the building or the terrain as quickly as possible.

In order to make sure the public leaves the place as organized and calm as possible, authorities and the event organizers will take precautions, such as setting up an emergency exit or guiding the public.