Kon pa traha un kit di emergensia

survival kitCreate Your Survival Kit

The Disaster Survival Kit is a fun family project to involve the younger members of your household to

take part in preparing for disasters. Your Disaster Survival Kit may be a bucket or any other
waterproof receptacle.

    • For those who don’t like a lot of fuss, this disaster survival kit design is perfect for you!
    • Things you will need:
    • Bucket with cover
    • Paint/permanent markers
    • Dishwashing soap
    • Non-scented liquid household chlorine bleach
    • Dish towel


1. Thoroughly clean your bucket with dishwashing soap and water. Rinse completely so there is
no residual soap.
2. Sanitise the bucket by adding a solution of 1 teaspoon of non-scented liquid household
chlorine bleach to a quart of water.
3. Swish the sanitising solution in the bucket so that it touches all surfaces.
4. After sanitising the bucket, thoroughly rinse out the sanitising solution with clean water.
5. Dry the bucket using a dish towel.
6. Label your bucket as desired using the permanent markers.
7. Use the Disaster Survival Kit list to fill your bucket with your required needs.


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