A tropical cyclone is a rotating, organized system of clouds and thunderstorms, with a closed low level circulation that develops over tropical or subtropical waters. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone with sustained winds of more than 119 km/h. The Atlantic tropical cyclone season runs from June 1st up to November 30th.


There are several favorable environmental conditions that must be in place before a tropical cyclone can form. They are:

  • Warm ocean waters (at least 27 °C) throughout a certain depth;
  • An unstable atmosphere;
  • Relatively moist air;
  •  Relatively weak winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere, and
  •  A pre-existing near-surface disturbance, like for example a tropical wave.




Before bad weather:

  • Always make sure your house and garden are in good condition without any loose objects that can damage your house during bad weather.
  • Always have an emergency kit at home.
  • Talk to each household member about how the household’s emergency plan works. Explain to children in a simple way what can happen.
  • Keep following the weather bulletins on the radio, television or and download the app Kalamidat in the App store or Google play.
  • Make sure your cell phone is always charged.


During bad weather

  • During bad weather, you are advised to stay indoors and follow the news on the radio, television or download the app Kalamidat in the App store or Google play.
  • Do not go out on the streets or go to the sea if you are advised no to.
  • If for some reason you still have to leave the house, carry enough food, water, blankets, clothes and your cell phone.
  • Try to repair any damage yourself before calling the rescue team. In this way, you will prevent the emergency lines for being occupied constantly, which can jeopardize the people who need help the most.


Hurricane Tomas on Curacao

What can you do yourself


The effects of a hurricane can be serious for your house if you do not take precaution. The government has set up a disaster office where all necessary organizations and services know what to do when danger presents itself during and after a hurricane. The representatives of the organizations meet regularly, follow local and international developments and help advice the government about the steps to be taken.

The government also have shelters for the people, who are in danger in their homes. The government also gives the public information, and in the case of a hurricane, explains to the public the gravity of the hurricane. However, it is your own responsibility to be informed; inform your family in advance and take the necessary precautions.