Corona update phase 2

Announcement – Coronavirus #30

Announcement – Coronavirus #30

Announcement #7 Informal care

Announcement #7 informal care can only take place every day between: 6.00 and 8.00 AM, and 6.00 and 8.00 PM

Announcement #6 Curfew every sunday

Public roads are prohibited to any form of transport, with the exception of public transportation and vital transportation.

Announcement #5 Curfew Plate of the day

Vehicles will only be allowed on the road on the following days, based on their vehicle registration plate.

Announcement #4 Curfew Shelter-in-place

Shelter-in-place is valid all day long. Please stay home and protect your family.

Announcement – Corona virus #26 New rules for supermarkets, minimarkets, toko’s

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus, all residents of Curaçao cannot leave the house, unless it is to visit the pharmacy, supermarket, minimarket, grocery store, gas station, bakery or hardware store. Here are the new rules for supermarkets. For more information, please […]

Announcement – Corona virus #13 Regulations

These are the latest developments in terms of exceptions to the rules for those who want to fly to Curaçao, either because they are residents, because they have important work to do here or for urgent medical care.

Announcement – Corona virus #15 Lina 9320

The demand for information about the Coronavirus is high and the government is trying to communicate in all possible ways. In addition to the other information channels, there is now also LIÑA 9320. Feel free to call, every day between […]

Announcement – Corona virus #10 Educational institutions will remain closed

Educational institutions will remain closed during the week between March 23 and 29.

Announcement #1 If you feel sick stay at home

Announcement #1 If you feel sick stay at home